Cisco UC Power unleashed!

These custom scripts for Cisco CME, UC5x0, CUCM and CUE greatly expand the features of the base product. I can also write any type of custom script if what you need is not in the following list.

Do what you have been told that is not possible!


Active Directory LDAP Service (ASP)

Search and dial from Corporate Active Directory. Keep Local Directory support even for multiple CME sites using a single module.
Benefit: centralize all directories into a single one.

Alarm Call

Set your own alarm call from any extension. IVR based, so can be used with analog phones also.

Application: Hotels, appointments.

B-ACD/AA Enhancements

Enhanced B-ACD/AA with support for Time of Day routing (office open/close hours, fixed and mobile holidays) and alternate destination, return to menu on busy or no answer extension, additional hunt-0 group, ISDN overlap receiving, sending CFB/CFNA calls to the script, selectable live or file-based MoH, display hunt-groups names, dual-language support, real-time wallboard display (with additional server code)

Benefit: save $$$ eliminating the need for Cisco Unity Express.


Allows to call multiple destinations (which can be ephone, pots or voip DP) simultaneously. The first that answers is connected to the caller, and the others stop ringing.

Application: easy reachability of of multiple destinations

Call length limitation

Set call duration limit, with warning tone or display message. can apply to all or selected phones using IOS configuration.

Benefit: Enforce phone productivity or or other policies

Call to HTTP

Allows to relay calling number and user codes to a web server.

Application: Trigger events from a phone call.


Give callers an option to wait for busy extension (personal queues).

Application: administrative person getting many calls.

Campaign dialer (TCL/PHP)

Enables a Cisco CME or CM system to be used to automatically place outgoing calls toward numbers configured in an user-provided list. Click link for more details.

*** Not included in Scripts Suite

Conference front-end *

Set an access password and other options for external callers on your conferences.
Benefit: save on purchasing Cisco Meeting Express and the necessary server.

Consolite (PHP)

Get a visual snapshot of all extensions state from any PC.

Application: phone operator can look-up extension status before transferring call. See screen.

DISA (Direct Inward System Access)

Allow access to your UC system from outside, to place calls as internal extension.

Application: Centralize and control telephone bills for mobile employees.


Simple script that plays a prompt and disconnects caller.

Application: screen anonymous or unwanted calls with a message. Or provide graceful disconnection for wrong numbers.

Group Call

Calls a pre-defined list of numbers, and connect them all to a meet-me conference. This feature is found, for example, on Nortel systems.

Application: Simplify phone meetings. Reduce time needed to co-ordinate emergency services .


Advanced hunt group implementation requiring positive confirmation by the answering person before connecting the call, this allows to hunt over external destinations that are reached with Voice Mail.

Application: Ensure 24/7 sure reachability using a single number.

Number to Name

Adds display names to calling or called number for incoming calls. Number is preserved. Names can be kept on a file in router, or external web server (no server code is provided). Also supports:

  • Routing based on Calling or Redirecting number.
  • Playing announcement before transfer to destination, e.g. "Your call may be recorded ...".
  • Virtually unlimited file size for names.
  • Compatible with Calling Name service: resolves only "wireless caller" numbers
  • Integration with B-ACD/AA (ciscoscripts version).
  • Supports ANI*DNIS when used on T1 CAS circuits.

Benefit: improves customer service by recognizing caller by name. Save on leasing PRI where more expensive than T1 CAS.

Outbound Calling Name

In Canada, ISDN PRI users are allowed to send out any calling name they want, and telco will not override a default name. The undesired consequence, is that external called parties sees the name associated to the calling extension, instead of a generic company name.

Benefit: allows to overwrite the calling name on the basis on the extension number, or group of extensions.


Record and listen voice prompts in the proper .au format used by Cisco.

Benefit: Save time and gain convenience by recording voice prompts from any phone.

Selective busy ringback tone

Provides special ring-back or call waiting message confirmation to caller. Can be applied for internal only, or all calls.

Application: managers want to hear positive confirmation their call waiting is being announced. Optionally, external callers will to not get this, to maintain called status privacy.

Speed-dial with pause

Call automated IVR systems and the script will dial long numbers and pauses as required.

Benefit: save money by using a long distance calling card. Save time skipping over boring long keypad sequences.

Safe 911

Give callers a chance to cancel accidentally placed emergency calls. Also generates syslog entries to inform the system administrator.

Benefit: avoid hefty fines by Law Enforcement for misdialed calls.

TAPI Web Launcher (Windows 32/64 Application)

Used with CME or CM TSP, automatically opens the browser on a page corresponding to the calling number. Works with TAPI from any vendor (untested), supports exclusion for certain number patterns, action on incoming call or operator answer.

Benefit:time saver for Call center (inbound or outbound) operators.

Universal AA (CUE)

Advanced .aef script that supports the most commonly used Auto Attendant operation modes using simple configuration parameters. For example, it is possible to directly configure complex actions (including dial-by-extension, dial by name, announcements) for any key selection. It also supports time and day based operation, and more.

Benefit: eliminate time-consuming script editing and debugging every time an Auto Attendant change is requested.

Voice Mail *

Basic Voicemail system, supports an unlimited number of users and mailbox size

Benefit: Save money eliminating the need for Cisco Unity Express.

* Under development. Please contact to have it developed on a priority basis.

Except where noted, my scripts work with any model of Cisco router/voice gateway, running any version of Cisco IOS, for CME, UC5x0, or CUBE, connecting any version of CUCM and CUE, using any phone model and protocol (SCCP or SIP). Also, they work with any type of voice circuit, be it analog (FXO, FXS, or E&M), digital (ISDN PRI or BRI, T1 CAS, or E1 R2), or VoIP (H.323 or SIP).

Unless otherwise indicated, the scripts do not require any server, Internet connection, or additional component. They run directly on the router without any special IOS version prerequisite. For CUCM, H.323 or SIP is required as protocol to the voice gateway. MGCP is not supported. If you use MGCP, you need to upgrade to H.323 or SIP to use any script.

UC500 note There is no support whatsoever for CCA on the UC500. If you use CCA I will not be able to answer any question related to it..

It consists of extensive instructions at the beginning of the script itself, that includes configuration examples.

Installation and support
Please consider that script installation, configuration, and troubleshooting are not included in price, and are supposed to be done by a knowledgeable Cisco UC engineer. If you are the end-user, or do not have the experience required, I can also do that for a reasonable fee.

Payment and Terms of use
I do not provide demo versions, but if the product does not work as described for the intended application, and I can't fix it, I will refund its price.
Purchase rights to use the script on a single system using PayPal below. All orders are processed manually, so please allow up to 48 hours to receive your script. There is no need to send additional email after payment.
As a bonus, Disconnect and Recorder scripts are always included.

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PayPal account is optional. If you do not have, or do not want a PayPal account, simply click "Pay with a debit or credit card" in the payment page (available to certain countries only).

I am a senior network and VoIP engineer with a know name in the industry. I hold CCIE certification and more than 25 years of experience, including about 10 years with Cisco Systems in San Jose, California. I have extensive experience in a variety of projects all over the world, and my objective is simple: guarantee your success and achieve more with less. Thank you for looking at my solutions.
Paolo Bevilacqua